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BloodSuckers : Our friend's clan from Germany. They have their own server running nice and fun maps at this IP: Take a look and enjoy.
Address: http://www.bloodsuckers.de

TranSGeniK : French UnderGround Techno Music. You can download their MP3s for free.
Address: http://www.tsgk.net

SuperHebbe : Very fun server, nice maps for everyone. IP: superhebbe.sytes.net.
Address: http://www.superhebbe.com

Team ELEλ : Our friends from Iceland. Play everything from basic maps to low grav killboxes. & Check'em out!
Address: http://teamelea.com

Mani Admin Plugin : We highly recommend this great server addon for the administration of any HL2, CStrike and DoD servers. Lots of options and easy installation.
Address: http://www.mani-admin-plugin.com

HLStatsX : A must for real time server statistics. TSGK Servers stats: http://hl2mp.tsgk.com
Address: http://www.tsgk.com

Free Universe 4 All : Enjoy more than 1000 free humorous, sports & JackAss videos, 1700 funny & incredible pictures, hundred of online games and thousand of wallpapers.
Address: http://www.freeuniverse4all.com

More links to come...

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